School Profile

Date:2020-06-30 11:17

潍坊恒德实验学校(Weifang Hengde Experimental School)is a boarding private high school established with the approval of Weifang Education Bureau and Weifang Civil Affairs Bureau through "double recruitment and double introduction" of Weifang Municipal government. The school is located in Weifang No.1 middle school. Relying on the high-quality education resources of Weifang No.1 middle school, the school is jointly constructed by educational experts and excellent teaching teams.

Weifang Hengde experimental school adopts a new integrated school running mode integrating small class, science and technology and internationalization, which combines examination oriented education, quality education and international education. Perfect teaching system, excellent education quality, rich in and out of class activities, diversified education perspective, cultivate the education concept of lifelong learning. In the fields of humanities, scientific spirit, learning to learn, healthy life, responsibility, practice and innovation, we should develop in an all-round way, form an independent personality, cultivate a sense of social responsibility, and strive to let every student have a global vision.

The teaching building of Weifang Hengde experimental school covers an area of 16000 square meters and can accommodate 2000 students. The teaching building is designed by Professor Yuan Tiesheng of Tsinghua University, and its plane layout is in an "H" shape along the east-west direction. "H" means a school built with a high starting point, high standard and high level to cultivate young talents with international vision and world mind. There are also 31 single villa type double room dormitories, library building, art building, football field, basketball court, tennis court, beach volleyball court, swimming pool, indoor stadium, run garden restaurant, etc.

A complete education is not only limited to imparting knowledge, but also includes the concern of physical and mental growth and the cultivation of social ability. Weifang Hengde experimental school takes this as the goal, and constructs a triple security system -- academic security system, curriculum extension system and student individual care system, which can fully stimulate students' curiosity about knowledge, explore their own life and be fully responsible for themselves.